Coach Zandr


Zandr fell in love with fitness and health after being introduced to CrossFit in 2018. Fitness became a way to decrease his anxiety and improve his overall health and confidence. He was extremely overweight and knew he needed to make a life change in order to avoid more serious health issues. With dedication and hard work he lost over 50 pounds and is the healthiest he’s ever been.  

Zandr is passionate about helping others achieve their health, wellness, and fitness goals. He loves seeing people grow and realize how strong they really are. 

“If you're ready to have some fun, and make great connections, come hop into one of my functional fitness classes and let’s have a blast.” -Zandr

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Coach Aminta


Aminta is a stay-at-home mom turned Certified CrossFit Trainer, passionate about guiding people to create healthy habits that empower the best version of themselves. 
She began CrossFit in 2010 with some apprehension about being able to meet the CrossFit standard. In fact, she could barely do a push-up. What she found was the ability to do seemingly impossible things with encouragement and guidance from her coach, and support from her new community. Due to this life changing experience Aminta wanted to teach others. 
Her passion has led to many avenues of education. She has completed courses in Mobility, Anatomy, Rehabilitation and Olympic Lifting, as well as working her way up to a Level 3 CrossFit Certification, and obtaining a Nutrition Coaching Certification from Precision Nutrition.
As the Head Coach of Village Fit, Aminta will not only make you sweat, but help you achieve long term fitness and health habit goals.